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IRIS Business Architect is a browser-based application to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future collaboratively with success. Business executives, change managers, enterprise architects, business analysts, and agile experts use IRIS Business Architect to plan, adjust, and deliver optimal strategic initiatives and projects. Our tool allows planning and architecture teams to adapt their plans rapidly in response to continual changes while minimizing risk and enhancing decision-making, as shown in these videos:


IRIS Business Architect is aligned to TOGAF, BIZBOK, BPMN, and BABOK; yet it is also easily customizable. IRIS Business Architect provides rich design, modeling, and management functionalities to continually reflect the frequent changes in your architecture, minimize risk, and enhance your decision-making. Customizable dynamic diagrams, tables, and reports can be designed from any element within your architecture model in a minute or two showing any type of heatmap measurements. Training takes at most 10 hours; and implementation, only a day or two.

IRIS Business Architect: Standardized, Precise and Easy to Use


Bridging Business Strategies to Operations and IT

IRIS Business Architect bridges dynamically your business strategies and your corporate decision-making to your operational and IT planning and delivery. IRIS is uniquely positioned to provide you with the holistic view necessary to support your decision-making process. IRIS Business Architect allows business and enterprise architects to link easily business strategies to their current initiatives, projects, outcomes, requirements, and process management.

RIS Business Architect’s magic begins once you bridge any element of your business model and strategy planning to your business and/or enterprise architecture model for detailed operational planning refinement and initiative delivery as followed:

  • Tying strategy, gap items, initiatives and projects all the way with application, process and requirements, and
  • Analyzing cost


Business Model, Strategies and Decision Making Support

With IRIS Business Architect, your strategic planning is defined according to the latest standards and gets disseminated fast and easily horizontally and vertically throughout your organization.

IRIS Business Architect allows you to build clear business models taking into account your insight into your business ecosystem, perceive your relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers, and optimize your position within your ecosystem. With IRIS Business Architect you can use any of the following methods to design, understand and optimize your Business Model, Strategies, and Customer Journeys using Business Motivation Model, Business Model Canvas, Customer Value Mapping, SWOT Assessments, Six Sigma SIPOC, impact analyses, and measurement and performance indicators (KPI) in the following ways:

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Rankings View
  • Heat mapping
  • Observations over time
  • Aggregate and specialized measures


Analysis through Scenario-Based Modeling

IRIS Business Architect provides high-value Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture modeling for:

  • Business transformation
  • IT systems transformation
  • Software application implementation
  • Customized software system development

IRIS Business Architect is a very secure, collaborative, graphical tool designed to help your teams build understandable business models, analyze those models, and choose the optimal scenario for various transformation initiatives.


End-to-End Visibility of your Business Knowledgebase

IRIS Business Architect provides complete and deep relationships to provide end-to-end visibility. This allows you to rapidly tap into your business knowledgebase to perform the following:

  • Importing data from multiple sources to create mashups
  • Relating data from all areas of your business
  • Easy to use “Query by Example” to focus on data of interest
  • Expressive impact analysis


Speed, Performance and Security

IRIS Business Architect is a fast and reliable performing tool, that can manage and handle large business architecture and enterprise architecture models. IRIS Business Architect easily allows distributed teams to share the same view of the enterprise and collaborate effectively on shared initiatives and projects securely with the following:

  • Powerful fine-grained permission levels and access controls
  • Integration with your enterprise directory services (LDAP / Active Directory)


Powerful Document Generation

Using high-quality, built-in automated, and customizable reporting in Word, PDF, or over the Web, you can deliver an accurate and powerful business vision easily to business and IT stakeholders!


Collaboration and Data Integration

IRIS Business Architect allows large distributed teams to collaborate effectively by allowing the following:

  • Synchronizing data with most other software applications,
  • Sharing data with Microsoft Excel, XML and XMI, Microsoft Project, and
  • Integrating with OData (Restful Web services) supported by Tableau, Microsoft Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI among others.


Flexibility and Customization

IRIS Business Architect allows total flexibility and customization of your business and/or enterprise architecture model with the following:

  • User-defined fields
  • User-defined measures, relationships, types, icons
  • Optional features
  • Control visibility of types, relationships, measures, etc.


Business Capabilities and Value Streams

Business Capabilities and Value Streams

Executing your business strategy is more difficult than planning it. Use capability-based and business architecture-based planning to design the steps needed to deliver with the agility your desired business outcomes on time and within budget.



IRIS Business Architect enables to easily design, keep updated and publish the following Business Architecture blueprints:

  • Business capability map
  • Value stream/value stages map
  • Organizational map
  • Initiative and project map
  • Strategy map (aligned with BMM, BMC, CVM, BSC, and Six Sigma)
  • Information map
  • Stakeholders map
  • Asset map (aligned with TOGAF)
  • Product and service map
  • Process map (aligned with BPMN)
  • Requirement map (aligned with BABOK)
  • Journey map
  • Initiative/Project/Scrum Planning

Once your strategy choices are completed and you are moving into execution, IRIS Business Architect is there to assist you. Leverage your strategy analysis and developed roadmaps to integrate your initiatives with your PMO to track progress to completion. IRIS Business Architect allows collaboration in real-time on initiatives and projects. IRIS Business Architect makes it possible to easily align initiatives to business strategies and your business/enterprise architecture. IRIS Business Architect includes detailed schedules and GANTT charts with the percentage of completion. IRIS Business Architect also allows key business and IT stakeholders to keep an eye on every detail that brings an initiative to fruition. IRIS Business Architect even tracks resource allocations, including staff, IT, and capital.


IRIS Business Architect synchronizes its data with most Project and Portfolio Management software applications such as Microsoft Project, Primavera, Asta, and SDEF.


Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance

By using IRIS Business Architect to integrate business capabilities, processes, logic, applications, technology, and data in one model, you can ensure enterprise-wide compliance with applicable regulations. Make impact analyses of new rules and guarantee their effective implementation. The description of your business processes, tasks, policies, roles, and responsibilities allows for proper governance and accountability.


Information Technology Architecture

IRIS Business Architect allows you to model complex IT systems from their corresponding business capabilities and business process to their applications, data, and technical layers, and develop the best scenario for change. Plan, design and build the base of your business-IT transformation initiatives with an accurate picture of your IT landscape, including all their applications and technologies, the inter-relationships between them, their business organizations, the corresponding business capabilities, and processes they support as well as the information they exchange.

IRIS Business Architect synchronizes its data with most Enterprise Architecture software applications.


Business Process Planning

With IRIS Business Architect, you can fully integrate your Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) process models, allowing all stakeholders to view and work with known models and diagrams. You can also manage and access easily business process documents to deliver process improvement initiatives. IRIS Business Architect synchronizes its data with most Business Process Management software applications.



Requirement Planning

With IRIS Business Architect, capture, review, approve, and manage all your agile requirements and user stories in alignment with BABOK. Avoid wasting time gathering information. Build detailed and precise user stories aligned to your business architecture model to ensure business compliance and relevancy. IRIS Business Architect synchronizes its data with most Requirement Management software applications.


With IRIS Business Architect, iterative agile requirement planning is suddenly a lot simpler. Your agile teams can now define easily their requirements, epics, and user stories using objects from your organization’s business and enterprise architecture model.